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Elizabeth A. Rodriguez

Phone: (999) 129-9403
Cell: (830) 273-3881

Having spent several years visiting different countries searching for a new place to call home, I fell in love with Merida y Yucatan. Finally the dream was of moving to Mexico full time was realized. A lifetime love of real estate y sales transformed into Yucatan Beach and City Properties. We look forward to sharing our dream with you! Managing Partner of Yucatan Beach and City Property Professional: I owned and operated a successful marketing company for over 20 years, marketing many residential and commercial products to businesses throughout the United States & Canada. I have always loved sales, teaching and training.
Jeff Stacy

Phone: (999) 112-8576

I am a licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of Florida, and have always enjoyed sales. I successfully sold business for several years for the largest business brokerage firm in the world. My efforts produced numerous awards such as the Sunbelt Brokers Million Dollar Plus Award, the Presidential Award, the Business Brokers of Florida Million Dollar Plus Award, & the Florida Business Brokers Association Million Dollar Plus. I also was fortunate to work at Marriott & Wydham Vacation Clubs, and was consistently in the top five producers in a staff of over hundred people. I am at your service, and look forward to working you.
Nicholas Sanders

Cell: (999) 398-1267

I have been calling Merida home since 2011. I am loving the wonderful life that Merida provides my family and I. I am originally from Indianapolis, Indiana where I have over 10 years of experience in marketing, design, photography and print. Some of my past clients included the Indianapolis Museum of Art, NFL, NCAA, and FIFA. I consider myself to be very fortunate to be able to enjoy the wonderful tropical life that Merida has to offer; warm weather, open-air markets, friendly neighbors and the vibrant culture of Merida. I frequent the beautiful beaches of the Yucatan, have visited over 30 archeological zones in the region and I am a bit of a foodie. I love finding the next best place to eat in Merida. I am sure you will love living here as much as I do! I started working in the local real estate industry in early 2016 and I feel very privileged to be working with Yucatan Beach and City Property. In this time, I have built a reputation for honesty, integrity and as one of the hardest working agents in Merida! I know the local communities and area very well. I can be a great asset for both buyers and sellers alike. For buyers: I strive to make the purchase process easy and stress-free. I take the time to consult them on the purchase process and make sure they feel confident in their purchase. For sellers: I provide a professional presentation of their property. This includes professional photography, 360 tours, social media and short video tours. Call me today to begin the process of buying or selling your home.
Hernan Gabriel Balam Segura

Phone: (999) 215-8122
Cell: (999) 215-8122

I am very happy to say that I live here in Merida, this is truly a magical place to live. I was born here and raised in Salt Lake City Utah. Growing up I was always curious about my roots and the culture of my family. For that reason, I returned to Mexico, which I have been living here now for over eleven years. It has been the best experience of my life and for my family. The people, the food, the culture is very special. Now working in real estate, my goal is to share my experience and knowledge of my city with people who truly want to find paradise in Mexico. Welcome! I look forward to helping you find your dream.
Milda Maribel Pech Leon

Phone: (999) 238-2906

I was born and raised in Merida Yucatan, where tranquility and peace are a way of life. Yucatan is truly magical, Rich in History, Culture and a Warm and Welcoming people. Many persons are arriving here to enjoy the safety, security, wonderful beaches and the World Class Amenities of the Capital City of Merida. They too, have discovered the beauty of Yucatan. I enjoy helping others and I look forward to sharing my lifelong knowledge of Yucatan with you and to find your paradise in which to live.
Alberto Arturo Austin Serrano

Phone: (830) 273-3881
Cell: (999) 129-9403

Born and Raised in Mexico, I am delighted to be now living in the State of Yucatan. As a retired Pilot with over 30 years of flying with AeroMexico, I have also enjoyed years of sales and other service-oriented businesses. I love my country and are very happy to show you the wonders of Yucatan, Historic Merida and our Beautiful Gulf Coast Beaches. I look forward to working together to find your dream. Capitan Alberto Austin
Eduardo Cabrera

Phone: (999) 260-6761
Cell: (830) 273-3881

Born in Merida Yucatan, I lived in the US, Los Angeles area for over 17 years where I owned a Real Estate company & also worked in retail. When I decided to return to my home Merida, I began to work again in administration & rental properties. I take pride in taking great care and detail of all the properties that I manage as well as exceptional care for the rental guests. I cover the area of Merida & the Gulf Coast Beaches. I am also a fitness coach & owner of a gym in Merida. I look forward to working with you to make your dreams come true in the wonderful city of Merida.
Alejandro Lopez

Cell: (999) 255-4054

I am originally from Mérida, a city where the resilient culture of the Maya intersects with the modern life of today. In addition to the tranquil lifestyle, gastronomy, markets and nightlife, Yucatán offers a great opportunity to immerse yourself in its rich history. The area features numerous archaeological sites, cenotes, haciendas and beaches in just a short trip. Merida provides residents a high-quality life with excellent medical care, education, shopping and infrastructure. Visit this magical state and discover the treasure that holds in this astonishing place. Don’t hesitate to contact me and I will help you find the home of your dreams or sell your property.
Gary Brennan

Phone: (573) 216-9262
Cell: (999) 530-4043

While visiting in 2016 the decision to purchase a home in the area was very easy for us. Merida and the surrounding Pueblas were exactly what we were looking for - an international airport, great cuisine, rich history, friendly locals and an incredibly safe environment. With a background of 30 years in construction that included working for a Fortune 500 company, in addition to owning and operating a Real Estate company for over 15 years, I feel I have the experience to offer buyers and sellers honest, no nonsense guidance with their Real Estate needs. Working with my wife, Stephanie, we are able to offer a service that is second to none. Call us today to explore opportunities in a lifestyle that that many have dreamed of.
Stephanie Brennan

Phone: (999) 530-4042
Cell: (574) 216-9970

Born and raised in Kansas City I have always loved traveling and vacations. My husband and I moved to the Lake of the Ozarks and were top producing Real Estate Agents there for 17 years until our full time move to Yucatan. We came here for 3 days back in 2016 and ended buying a house while working with Jeff and Elizabeth. I absolutely love looking at homes and selling Real Estate, it is truly my passion. I believe this is a great time for people to live their dream and I want to help and be part of that experience.
Luz de Carmen De Regil

Phone: (999) 136-5424
Cell: (999) 136-5424

I was born in Mexico City and grew up in Yucatan. "My paternal family is Yucatecan." This beautiful city has given me the opportunity to grow, meet wonderful people, study and work, here I met my husband, we farmed our life together and had a wonderful daughter. Let me tell you: Yucatan is a magical place rich in history, culture, with numerous archaeological sites, henequen haciendas, cenotes and its beaches with turquoise waters to enjoy and know. Its wide gastronomy – which is very varied, its smells, its textures and its combinations which make it unique. their customs, traditions; its people who are warm and gentle. It is certainly a beautiful place to grow up, have a family and live quietly. Merida offers its visitors and residents a high-quality life with excellent options in healthcare, education and infrastructure. Let me help you to be part of the magic and find that ideal place you are looking for according to your taste and your needs.
Andrea Rodriguez

Cell: (999) 275-7612

I was born and raised in Mérida, Yucatán, a fascinating place where the landscapes dress up in colors and its halo makes you feel like home. Allow me to reveal you its secrets, culture, architecture, gourmet corners, colorful markets, nostalgic haciendas and the warmth and welcoming vibe of its people. For generations, we have lived and cultivated this poetic land, contemplating how it grows and makes its mark on the international map. Enjoy the contrasting range of scenarios the city offers, from the folkloric downtown, through uptown world-class amenities and last but not least our paradisiacal beaches. Mérida is currently recognized as one of the best cities to live in the world and we are honored that you are considering this peaceful oasis to call home. I’m a very professional, honest and detail-oriented realtor, I pride myself on being transparent and giving a top-notch customer service. Let me show you around!
Sonya Besson

Phone: (322) 373-5644
Cell: (322) 373-5644

I was born in Connecticut and raised in the beautiful state of Maine. I always enjoyed travel and have lived in various states in the US. My husband and I have always had a passion for buying and selling houses. We also enjoy updating and beautifying homes. I have an accounting background but decided to branch out to obtain my real estate license after moving to Florida in 2008. I believe having worked in real estate and assisting companies with compliance has enhanced my skills to provide ethical practices to clients. We began our full-time journey in Mexico in the state of Nayarit. In 2017 we purchased a home in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, a small fishing village with a beautiful marina on the Bay of Banderas. After traveling a bit we stumbled upon the Yucatan. We immediately felt at home with the locals in the beach towns and Merida. We purchased a home in Chelem and are lucky to call this our home. We look forward to helping you find your dream as well!
Nicholas Besson

Phone: (602) 900-2346
Cell: (602) 900-2346

Being born and raised in Maine taught me a true work ethic. I have worked in the Collision Industry since the age of 15 but always enjoyed buying and selling houses. My wife and I moved to Florida in 2008 and my passion to buy and sell properties became more obtainable. We had visited various countries but always came back to Mexico. The culture, the people, the food, and the beauty of Mexico are like no other. In 2017 we purchased our first home in Mexico. After visiting the State of Yucatan we decided this was where we belonged. Having bought and sold homes in Mexico I understand every sale and purchase is unique. Whether buying or selling, I can assist you with the process to make it as seamless as possible.
Elisia Leger

Phone: (337) 356-5682
Cell: (337) 356-5682

Born in Merida Yucatan, I lived in the US for 15 years, as military wife and developing Real Estate, trailer parks, and commercial buildings . I have always been facinated by Architecture, Real Estate and Construction. I realize the importance of listening to Buyers and Sellers intently, and I work Diligently to Understand and meet my clients needs. I pride myself on Knowledge of the area, but most inportantly, on serving as a Trusted Advisor in one of the most important decision of someones life. I look forward to working together.